1 2 3...

Drivin' down the street, never lookin' back,

Just one instant, just one photograph,

So many factors, that are all in it,

You're the one behind the wheel, you're the one who's sittin.


We've seen all the tragedies that occur on the news,

We see all the families and friends who are confused,

We see the drugs, the alcohol, the cell phones,

No one is the wiser, to tell what really happened,

They say their life ended with one text,

They had to answer it that second,

That's the problem with our generation,

We gotta do it now, right now,

How many more souls lost before we stop?


I don't  know bout you but I'll never drink and drive,

This is a problem that America can't hide,

It's like Prohibition only three times worse,

We need an answer this thing is a curse,

Teenager's lives come crashing down,

This world isn't there personal playground,

It's a kinda hell for the world we live in,

Stop tearing down, the environment,

the trees are free oxygen to breathe,

But somebody thought oxygen is guarenteed,

Thank you all tree huggers show off your stuff,

They're the ones who'll save our world from the bottom to the top,

It confuses me why people litter on the ground,

There's a garbage and recycle bin to your left and all around,

It doesn't take much energy to put it right in there,

Or is it that none of you ever really care?

I wanna see the wild forests where nature abounds,

Or to look under the shade of night and see hundreds of stars all around,

I wanna breathe fresh air not polluted by smoke,

I wanna drink water not poisoned, so I'll choke,

I wanna see the world's sites and all it has to offer,

Help others because they've been discovered,

I see others who show the world what they're made of,

And others who come from the world untamed of,

I see people who help, and people who heal,

And others who think violence is their only answer,

Look around the world, and help,

These problems aren't going to solve themselves,

We need an answer, we need a genius,

Or else the human race truly is in pieces.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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