The night before the glorious day shimmered with nerves and talks of the future


Hopes and dreams raveled the starry skies and eased the burden of the morning


We cherished our short time together before we both embarked on different journeys


Although we are mostly apart for what feels like eternities


the moment we pour out our bottled emotions to each other


our friendship strengthens and the bond we have shines through


Today brings blazing rays of sun


That brighten the grass fields surrounding the white dressed marque


As my best friend walks through the arched entrance with a smile that’ll


Last for days and gazes upon the crowds of her friends and family


I look back upon the times we’ve endlessly fought and managed


To still stand by each other’s side till our end


The happiness I have for her in this moment glimmers through me


As I watch her fall fully in love with the man standing opposite her


The sunset marks the end of the eventful day


Displaying the warm colours of a sad goodbye


And a hopeful beginning


This poem is about: 
My family
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