Gagged and bound by what’s around me

Heightened senses, yet couldn’t see

Heart beating so fast my ribs could break

The nausea making my stomach ache

Alone in the corner with no salvation in sight

I refused to be helpless and sit in my plight

They have no desire to hear my words or pain

I saw the pen and saw nothing to gain

Yet nothing to lose

Stay silent? I refuse

The blood from my veins smeared the pages

Kept in a little notebook away from all the faces

That look in through the glass on my life

And laugh at the pitiful sight

Beaten down and tossed aside

I thought of every voice that ever lied

The anger and the hurt and the longing bubbled up

Bittersweet coffee following over the cup

When oceans run from my eyes

And the bruises protrude from my sides

There is the paper and the pen

And from the ashes I rise again

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