“You had to be brave.”

~ You don’t know my name, 

but i know yours!

I’m something many people adore!

Run to when their lives get rough,

all they need, is me, it’s enough.


Don’t think i’m just a pain reliever,

or something to do for your leisure.

I can really mess you up,

dare to try me?


My name is Tobacco, Alcohol, Weed,

i’m not your friend, but your worst enemy.

I don’t care if you have friends and family,

i’ll tear your life apart till the death of me,

but in your life, for i shall never die.


I spy with my little eye something tragic…!

It’s coming your way, 

cause now i’m a habit!

You tried ever so desperately to make me broken,

but you know that once i have spoken!


Games over! I win!

You’ll never be in control of your life again!

Although i’m rubber, and you are glue,

i’ll rip myself to shreds and stick them to you!


For you will never be sane again.

Cause newsflash, i’m not your friend!

I’ll follow you to the grave,

Remember… It was your fault. You chose me. 

“You had to be brave.” ~






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