To “Write” the Wrongs

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 21:51 -- kb33


To me,

Poetry is self-expression.

It doesn’t follow a form

Or structure

Real poetry is RAW.


When I write,

There’s nothing pretty about it.

I get in this zone,

Where I feel like

My only purpose

Is to get my thoughts

Onto that paper.

It’s frenzied,


And entirely driven by passion.

And, when I’m finished,

I feel like my poems

Reflect that



When I write

Teardrops outnumber words.

They pour from my eyes

Out onto the page…

All the heartaches;

All the insecurities;

All the PAIN,

It’s no longer part of me.

Now, all those things,

They’re just words

On a page;

They have no power

Over me.



It’s not the poem

That matters to me,

It’s the process.

The process of

Getting all those emotions out,

And becoming free of them.

The poem itself

Means nothing.


You ask why I write,

Here’s your answer:

I write

Because I wouldn’t be here

If I didn’t.


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