“Will Power”

Don’t check to see if they have texted you!

Keep track on what you have been doing,

no time to stop and see if he’s coming back.

Focus on yourself or nobody will life is made up of time,

and you have no time to double text or cry over another lost text…

Love who you are and others will come,

never force yourself to adapt to a new life you never wanted.

Take risk and chances live life to the fullest but carefully.

Show people the real you and not the cover up,

it’s about time you delete that picture and rip up all the memories.

Come on, you can do this it is not easy but time can not be wasted anymore.

They don’t have time for you, then guess what you no longer have time to offer them in return.

Stop saying what you can’t do and just get back up and do it!


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