“Terminate It”

Two words


Have you heard of it before?

Something made so natural 

We’re afraid to open our doors 

Can’t enjoy a day on the porch

Or a walk through the streets at night

For it would cause too much uproar 

Causing heartbreaking demise

Families of men, women, children

Feeling solitary at night

Hearing that your precious loved one is gone

creates a hurt that would rage through the streets, destroying the earth

A hurt that would push you to make costly mistakes

A hurt that cuts deep inside, that creates a void that cannot be filled 

We always wonder...“Why did it have to be my loved one?”

But we never ask why it had to happen in the first place


There needs to be an end

Our young boys carrying guns around, thinking it’s their only form of protection 

Police officers using it at the slightest inconvenience 

Everyone continues to take it lightly

Until it’s their loved one that’s gone

Only the ones who have to witness this hurt and feel this pain suffer

No one looks into it

No one makes an effort to change

It all just happens


There has to be an end 

Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
Our world


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