In nineteen and sixty-two,

heads that were filled with sharp numbers, formulas,

an abundance of calculated self confidence,

violent theories that confuse every molecule of my doe-eyed poems,

gathered themselves in a tight-locked room,

to discuss the inner workings, the strands of information,

the fundamentals of all organisms, the incredibly humane

genetic material that created Rosalind Franklin,

the distinctive characteristics allowing her

Delicacy, dignity, a dreamy doe-eyed gaze

and a pretty little head filled with numbers,

and as she twisted and turned in her grave,

the ever-expanding egos belonging to

the men made up of “the stronger stuff”

sold away the “winding staricase” of Rosalind’s mind


“Nineteen and sixty-two”

my seventh grade science teacher repeats.

And the boy who blocks my view

with his head filled with numbers,

scribbles “Watson and Crick” in his notes,

And yet,  he does not know.

He will not try to.


This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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