“the rainbow”


where is it

it that glows Brighter, to the one with F scars

under Seven screams to the face

Red. it is knees weak, creatures left to shame

Orange. (Inside) fire lies sparks of Hope

Yellow. why the (Bracelets) why the  s  l  e  e  v  e  s

Green. Flowers planted-bloom she falls too soon

Blue. its water; scrubbing away every trace; water it is steam-pouring down her face

Indigo. down it was paths—nightmares they seem—sleepwalking through

Violet. better to be alive and scarred

then dead—(no, are we even?)

eyes slowly dosing, is it Day or Night?

blend together, constant happening

can you Please tell me what’s going on?

Blood around is all i feel

then look up, there it is

i look up so it thumps in time to the

Screams inside my skull

bear nought but Shadows

(where from up above?)

above up from walls put up

try to break through but Netever will

pieces Fall; chisel and pick

small openings—

to the rainbow


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