What is a father with his son,
A boy without a dad
ashamed to ask his mother about any questions he ever had
he used to be so excited, just to hear his dads voice
but its fadeding aways, he can see the devorce
"Daddy said he was gonna be here" he lied of course
He said hes getting it back together, but still off course
He took you out to eat a full on course
and said he will join you guys again in due course 

He says working hard for his children but he is never here
wont hear his voice for months, it lowers a shrowd of fear
with the dangers of nigeria, dont want him to disappear

the says the end justifies the means, but is that really true
because the end is the end, no redo
you wanted money for your family, money for our safety
but raising money cant be more important than to raise me

I always wanted you back, but im an adult now
a fine young man, I made it somehow
I leared to tie a tie off youtube, from some gentelmen
if you had one more chance would you miss it again?



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