I sat here waiting


I sat here waiting for you to come to me.  But you never will. This is my fate to sit here and wait until the days end.  Why won't you come to me.  Why can't I hear the sweet lapse of every syllable?   I want to lavish in every curve.  I want you to roll off my tongue like the autumn leaves at noon.  I want the sweet ecstasy in my mind to come to me.  But it never will.   Why?  Why won't you come to me? Am I that stupid? Am I not capable of caressing this sweet sheet of white?  Am I not as talented as your other partners? Why am I the only one in a cage? Where's the key? Where's the inspiration to let me out?  Your bending me so far I'm breaking. I'm going insane without you by my side.  Where are you?  I want out! Release me of this torture, this this this prison.  I want out. Release me of this block of blank.  Release me of this putrid writers block!!!  Please set me free! Set me free, set me free, set me free. Set me free of the torture and the pain. Be by my side and never leave.


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