Sat, 10/20/2018 - 16:49 -- Zilro

I am young- too young to remember

When a man takes a gun to an elementary school named Sandy Hook

I am 16-the night before the Tony's- when a gay Latino club in Orlando finds 49 people dead instead of dancing

I am 17- and there's 17 dead

And a month later I'm walking out, listening to my friend speak about texting their friend hoping they're alive in Parkland

And a month later that same friend texts me:

"hey, you want to walk out today?"

And I find myself stuffed into a car driving to Seattle where we spend 5 hours making signs and protesting for our right to live

And yet, I am lucky


With my messed up life and my messed up brain

This crazy messed up world has made messed up me lucky

My friends are still alive, no man with a gun walked into my school

This should be a given- not luck

And I still walk into school everyday

Not knowing if I'll walk out

And there are still people who say guns are not a problem

So when I am 18 I will vote

And when I am 18 I will graduate and got to college and change the world

Unless- when I am 18- a man with a gun walks into my school

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My community