Who Has The Crown?

I love you like no other,

When I'm around you I stutter,

My heart starts to race, 

You can see it on my face,

That I genuinely care about you.


I give my all to you and you do the same,

I do not acknowledge what these others claim,

Negativity, Hatred,

Surrounds You and I,

But when you bring me back to reality...

I feel like I can fly.


Everyone will have haters, 

People will try and bring you down,

But remember who has the crown,

You do.


I'm Bonnie, your Clyde,

A Car? I'll ride,

My enemies are your enemies,

Because you've never had a friend like me.


Us against the World,

I know it may hurt,

But the temporary pain will subside with a feeling of euphoria,

I am the Queen,

Call Me Victoria.

This poem is about: 
Our world