The Girl and the Frog

Fri, 07/21/2017 - 15:33 -- snowem

One dirt road to the great, bright city
In the center laid a frog ill and chilly
Many passed by and it was forgotten
Until it died and would soon rotten

Then a young girl made a sad sound
As she mourned for the poor frog that she had found
Many behind her yelled for wasting their day
But all lives do not deserve to end this way

She grabbed her cloth and picked up the frog
And dug a hole as her eyes began to fog
She placed him in and spoke a few words
As she wished to see a breath, but the frog never stirred

She replaced the dirt and stood to her feet
As she questioned some sort of heaven where she and the frog could meet
Then, something happened, there was something she could hear
A croak from behind her that traveled to her ears

There sat the frog that smiled and called
To the thoughtful girl that began to bawl
Her kindness made the frog offer her a wish as pay
And without hesitation, she wished for the frog to live for many more days