Morbid Aschenputtel

With knives, you bless me with marks of love
While your words guide my mind to insanity
Your kisses leave me weak; tear induced
Drunk on your pain
You guide me to solitude
Forgive me for abandoning your love
Fore you fan the flames of desire that burns wildly within me
Will I ever be good enough for you
Worthy of you
Monopolize me; keep me close
Do you not fear the light whisking me away?




Cinderella, your mind lost in this madness you call Happiness

There is no escape for you

Less you bring forth your own salvation

Rebuke those who have wronged you

And steal back what they have taken

The essence of life is irreplacable and thus, it is easy to apprehend

Swirling voices in my head

All belonging to the one I have come to love and cherisj

If 'They" are gone, then finally I can live the life I have so long craved

Their screams of terror mean nothing to me

Their crimson nectar coating my instrument of creation tainted the world beneath their motionless bodies

I refuse to contintue to be covered in Cinders

Today, My ashes have washed free from my body but blood has taken it's place


-Morbid Aschenputtel

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Our world