Why is it

That a ninth-grade Honors English teacher has to tell thirteen, fourteen and fifteen year-olds

Not to look up ideas for a slam poem assignment

Why is it

That after he has said this

A collective sigh sounds around the room

Why is it

That we believe websites: Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube

Can be more creative than ourselves

Why is it

That this society is so reliant on the internet to think for them

Why is that?


When you are born

Kicking and screaming

Your parents look at you


And a little disgusted

You are a small piece of each of them

And you have the possibility to be so much


As a baby you follow the movement of their lips

The sound of their voice

How each of them say


or “Mommy”

or “Baby”

or “Love”

And soon you can say those words just as they did


In a few years

Once you can crawl, walk, jump, leap

Once you can talk in full sentence segments

They teach you what they have learned

They tell you what they think

And what they believe you should think

They tell you what religion is best

Along with what sports team

Or what qualities

They tell you

How you should act

Who you should be friends with

What words to speak loud and proud

And what words to press down your stomach down to the tips of your toes

Never to be uttered

They press their ideas into your mind

Like puzzle pieces

forcing to fit without breaking


As you begin school

You rely on teachers

They teach you how to spell

Or write

Or socialize

They teach you how to read

They teach you words you have never heard before

And they teach you how to be creative

you develop thoughts on your own

New animals

New places

Things believed to have never existed before your existence

And you have your own ideas

And you have the ones your parents gave to you


Soon you develop friends

And they each have ideas their parents bestowed onto them

And in order to “fit in”

You take their ideas on as your own

Believing what they believe

Thinking what they think

And you rely on that

And you think other people's ideas

Are better than your own

You only show what other people have told you

Keeping your own voice at the base of your throat

Letting other’s voices cover yours up


As you grow up your parents and friends teach you new things

So do your teachers

You develop consistent individuals

To quote without citation

In everyday conversation


Years later, the age is also when society grabs you

Their icy hands slowly start to wrap around your waist

You watch tv shows

Depicting beautiful men and women

You want to look like

The hands grab on your waist and you feel as if you cannot breathe

You read books

That depict every person as being original

And you want to be them

The hands pull stronger

You get a phone

Just for texting or calling

The hands are pulling you so fast you feel like you are free-falling

You get a social media account

Doesn't matter which one you started with

Because every victim of social media ends up in the same place

The hands are comforting know, a safe place for you to relax


This is when the relationships you have created begin to falter


You barely talk to your parents

You answer their questions with one word answers

Cause you need to check







and Tumblr

For validation you seem to crave from strangers


You never talk to your friends in person anymore

Text is easier

It is better to hide behind a phone screen

Than to connect to another human being


You don't pay attention in class

Any other form of media on your screen

Is more entertaining

Your teachers don't say anything anymore

You have been disconnected from class for a while now


You begin to believe that acronyms are creative

They’re not

Acronyms cut off the meaning of words

chopping of the limbs and letting it bleed

Until it is left

With nothing


You Tweet

“School Sux”

With an x instead of a ck

You tweet








You Instagram

A #selfie

Two fingers cover your face

The peace sign had more meaning

It used to represent peace, hope and faith

And now it is used to cover up your face


You Pin

Workout Challenges

Makeup Tutorials

Diet plans

You follow inspiring quotes on tumblr

You scroll through facebook liking things others have liked even if you don't like them

You are a sheep following the crowd

You are a zombie

You are a Tin Man with no heart

And a scarecrow with no brain


Your older sibling says to you

There are no new ideas

And you think about this

You realize they are right

There are no new ideas

You try to think of a response

There are no new ideas

You realize that you have no ideas

Just like everyone else


This poem is about: 
Our world