I am a hopeless romantic and its okay


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After spending months with you

I can’t believe I thought you were the one too

I hate that I fell for the idea of us

You getting along with everyone was just a plus

But distance didn’t make the heart grow fonder

And now I all I can do is ponder

Because you walked away after promising you’d stay

And you knew all the right things to say

I was just a hopeless romantic caught up in your web of lies

But you just told me you wanted no ties

So this hopeless romantic must come to reality

The best things in life are not free

Love is something I always thought id find

But I am young with an open mind

The time will come for me to find the one

and my past heart breaks will be done

I am a hopeless romantic and its okay

The right man will stay.

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this is beautiful


thank you, means alot


this is incredibly well done, its beautiful 


Thank you!


WOW that was powerful!!!!