All I Need

The most logical thing that comes to mind is a book on how to build a raft

But I have never been the most logical person.

The truth is

I dont know

because I would want the person who loves me most to come.

The person who falls asleep thinking of me,

dreaming of me.

When looking out to the sea,

with the cool air coming in,

They won't know where to look

They won't know which view is better.

But looking out at that sea

they'll realize that their love is like a raging river, 

hard to tame 

destroying everything in it's path,

and giving life to the ones engulfed in it

engulfing me so much

that I too become a raging river.


drives itself like a kayak in open water,

and yet

it changes 

it disappears

it comes back again.

Of course,

parts of me yearn

for the one I love most,

but they don't exist 

not anymore.