Think of you

Puts me at risk

An avalanche just waiting

Waiting to happen


Let me think

Of stealing a kiss

Something innocent,

Saying goodnight

Maybe a bit more


Drop of a pebble

Okay now, just that

Her lips pressed hard

Against mine

And her hands


A few more trickle

Her hands cupping my face

Gliding to the back of my head

Okay fuck it


Here's the avalanche 

I pull her close 

Does she know

Can she tell

Keep at her pace


Shit do you remember

How her hands felt

On your back

She dipped down your pants

How didn't you moan


Trickle, stumble, plop

How I wonder, how I crave

What do her lips 

Feel like

On my neck, on my stomach

My skin


Tremble, slide, oh no

God, I already want to moan

She's so gentle

While being so rough

How woudl she work


Here's another avalanche

Would she moan with me

I would make sounds for her

What's happening


Let me hold her

Let me trace her

Let me tease her

Just let me be

Near her oh God

I'll take the avalanche

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