Introducing Me


I am Anika Neela

A girl of sixteen.

Someone who is ordinary

Yet smart, confident and keen.

I believe in music

And in the virtue of unity.

I express myself through writings

And speak a little in my community.

That doesn’t mean I am rude

Nor means I am shy.

I am like the girl next door

With dreams to touch the sky.

I am not a beauty queen, I know.

And am not even trying to be one.

I am striving to be a better person

And am not boring, in fact fun!

I am from the country Bangladesh

Where people are so nice.

I am on an exchange program

Planning to make long-lasting ties.

To conclude this short poem

I 'd say, “This is ME”.

I am looking forward to a cultural exchange

So, please don’t judge and let me be.



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