Spill The Words

My heart and mind are at war

Shall I say it? Shall I be true?

Reason governs my every thought

Think it through, Think it through


A silence is to be interrupted 

When words are deemed worthy

Yet the only sound my lips make

Is a ruckus of irrelevance


Reason guards my insecurity

My words circulating in my mind

Shall I say it? Shall I dare?

The moment has fled before I try


Second guessing is my nature

Overanalyzing every motion

By my logic, I can not be heard 

Play it safe, Be invisible


I dream of reckless abandon.

Leading the thought revolution

Locking Reason in a tower far away

With Emotion guarding the iron door


Then shall I speak what I think?

Will I think before I speak?

Will you know me for my unfiltered thoughts

or for my absence of willful notions?


I tied my careful words to a chair

Out the door I went, heart in hand

My thoughts were fluid, pouring out 

Soaring like a bird high above


I am honest. I am bold.

I spoke a poem and sung a song

I declared all that I’ve never said

I told stories and told them true



So say it all and say it true

Think it through, but not absolute

Be kind with your words

But never too sparse


Spill the words before they spill you

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