Why Must You Boast So?

Sweet Arachne

why must you boast so?

Sweet Arachne

your talent can only go so far.


To offend the goddess

in such a manner.

Have you no shame?


You say you could best Athena?

My friend, be careful!

Your words ring true,

but her wrath knows no end.


I only care for you

and want nothing but your happiness.


You will only be happy

when your talent is acknowledged?

Oh but it is!

Why must you boast so.


Oh no, please no.

Don't answer the door.

Can't you see it's her?

Can't you see past that disguise?

Please hold your tongue before you--


Sweet Arachne

why did you do it?

Why did you boast so?

My friend,

I know your words rung true,

but why?

I only wanted what was best for you,

and now look what you have done,

what you have become.

You lost yourself,

you lost your pride, your honor.

And yet,

you continue to boast.