I Am Stronger (When We are Stronger Together)

I discovered suffering

at 18. Not my own

suffering, but rather the

kind of suffering that happens

when people let bad things happen

and do nothing.


Before that I was just

a culmination of words

and helpless gestures.

I was just trying to find a place

to lie down and sleep.


Really becoming a human

means understand that others

are just as complex and intricate

as yourself. That the suffering

of your body mirrors 

the suffering of someone else's body,

that every word of pain you whisper in the dark

is the same word in a different language

whispered back to you.


People will tell you that you

can't change things, that only

things can change you. They are

lying. Every blood drop in

the circulatory system is important,

the loss of one might not be noticed,

but continuous loss will cause death.

When no one works

to change

we all die.


I discovered myself

when I realized the pain

of others was as real as my pain,

and when I decided

to do something about that.