I am sad 

I am miserable 

I am isolated 

By myself 

I can't show this 

I simply can't 


It's too dangerous 

It's too risky 

It's not me 

They'll judge me 

They'll laugh 

They'll point at me 

And make me miserable 


They'll point at my flaws 

And slash my wounds open with knives 

They'll kill me 

With their silver daggers 

Disguised as eyes 

With their dark minds 

And their darker souls 


I'm sad but not that sad 

Angry but not THAT angry 

Miserable but not - 

You're right 

I need something more 

I'm running out of reasons to hide 

The acceptance number 

Is higher than ever 

Yet I still will hide 


Why do I do this to myself? 

Why do I hide when 

There's nothing left to hurt me? 

Why hide 

When there's nothing to hide from? 

I'll tell you 

I'll tell you why 


The reason I hide my soul 

My mind 

My thoughts 

I'm scared 

Sometimes of society 

Sometimes of others 

But mainly -- 

I'm scared of myself 

I'm scared I'm too much 

I'm scared that I 

Don't even know myself 

How can I show others 

What I am when 

I don't even know 

Who I am? 


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