The Past Unmasked


I am everything you wanted to be,

Full of life happy, free,       

Oh life, such a funny thing

I look for tomorrow, and what it may bring


This is all I wanted as well,

But something happened and I fell

Everyone asked what it could be

I had this mask, can’t you see


The story of my life can never be said

Because of this, my fear is fed


So it haunts me day by day

And the day I spoke aloud

My life was forever changed

Scarred by memories found


I always hid it and thought I did good

Something told me that I should,

But when things start to fall apart

You are left to tell the story from the start.


The memories follow through sleep

But I have promises I must keep

So I hide away and adjust my mask

Ready to go out, forget my past.


No longer alone,

My mask is my clone

It is alright, I will be fine

In my mask ready to shine