Poems about Race

Calling us aliens, undocumented freaks,  drug dealing mexicans and child molesting creeps,
Dear Little Brown Girl, At a young age, I did not yet realize that I was unique, different, one-of-a kind.  I did not know the history of
It’s 4 PM here in Georgia, And I’m enjoying time with my friends
Will you be missed as you sit alone? What once was life now scab and bone?
Dear Humanity,   The lips she used to kiss 
Beauty. You're too dark for thatYour luscious skin once againhas been attacked by such harsh mentorment and hate was destined fo
I dream of thoughts and spaces where I reclaim my power, I dream of reciting verses:
We wear invisible chains alongside these bars Holding within our ancestor’s abuse and still fresh scars
I wish labels were for clothes and Segregation of colors remained in boxes of crayons
We grew up listening to fairy tales, The happy endings that would last ever after.