Poems about Immigration

Life is difficult itself. expecting for a better future Maybe for our kids... our siblings... our parents. 
If you live somewhere where you can't get ready cooked animal feetthere's no helping you!Not even chicken feet?
When my ice cream has fallen and my eyes seems to droop. I look to the stars,
Immigrants THIS And Immigrants THAT ... !!! All This Government Talk's Helping Hatred SOAR ... !!!!!
The sign out side reads Occupancy: Zero It kind of remindes me of my home Love: Zero Acceptance: Zero
  Moving from Japan to Hawai’i by boat  A long journey, a new beginning
Whey Buttah, Whey Cheese!
Limitless, freedom, happiness, peace These are the things we cry for Screaming from the top of our lungs
To Become English Citizens It's Been ... " Alleged " ... Some Women Are Willing To ... S P R E A D Their Legs ... !!!