Poems about Animals

I'm the girl thats set to change. i'm the girl who has no range. I have no room to talk because ive been there
"Don't hit her, Daddy!" cries the little girl Daily she sees this Daily she hurts The poor animal she loves
We As Americans will help out the less fortunate We as Americans will help out people who have nothing
The apple of my eye, you are my fellow hunter, you are my son. A shot so far away, but somewhat close,
I am…Earth, strong and beautiful…
Full moon lesions Creeping out of snail shell The gagging sounds yellow and full with admission
A Letter To My Beautiful Dog My Cassie----
There once was an owl and a mouse. They lived in a barn, not a house, With cows, horses, ducks, and sheep,
She cuddle with me every night I felt alone. She let me cry on her shoulder when daddy didn't pick up the phone.
I try to get your love, But all you do is hit me and hate me, Why don't you love me, Am I really that worthless?