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What have I learned  from my mental illnesses? I have learned that there are people 
I came into this world a beautiful and chubby baby girl, 8 lbs. 3 oz. with a head full of black curls. My mother's first child, and it stayed that way for a while. Not a care in the world,
I am beautiful. Society disagrees. I'm still beautiful.  
Darkness comes in to  Eat the light So keep within you  All fear tonight For the hunt is on This coming winter And there'll be nowhere  To run  When it catches you 
You cant stop me baby  You can't hold me back  I'm flying,  seeing stars not dying feeling for once I'm shinning  being bright no hiding  this is life.  Baby 
Her. the straightness of her smile the perfect arch of her brow the curve of her hips
There is way more that caught the eye What I , and nobody else could see  When eye, connects with the mirror Is the bare minimum of everything My beauty isn't determined solely by what I am Or even who I am
His heart is broken. This should be bad.
I'm perfect like the story of Hercules. Represented by Courage and Glory, Masculinity and Strength, Pleasure and virtue. Chosen by light, and offered one of  two lives.   I'm perfect
You're flawless, just to let you know, as quaint and simple as pure white snow.  
every single day i wake, is the best of days for goodness sake, i dont wake up sad, i dont wake up mad, if i do, i still say it is the best day i will go through, why,
How can they say I'm flawless when they don't know me? They haven't seen me lose my temper, eat too much, procrastinate, cry, and have they noticed my bad hair? my not bikini ready body? my grades?
  My imperfections are in no way diminishing my value! For I am Priceless,
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