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Life is unpredictable. At times, we'll be amazing. At times, we'll be on top of the world. At times, everything will go as planned. But, at times darkness fills our lives. Challenging our sanity,
Beauty without a filter original without interefance  natural without camouflage  I am me, I am imperfectly perfect  I am an individual, I am independent  I am one in a million 
I see those around me
"What is it that makes you flawless?" You ask. 
Pale, blemished, perfect? Freckled, scarred, flawless? My skin is stained with excess ink from all the times I created my idea of art. My nails are broken and chipped from years of playing guitar.
I am... O- Only one person is like me, me R- Really weird but thats why I like me I- I never fit in with the crowd
It’s striking-
I am beautiful, maybe not in the way some others would think but I am. I am strong; I can't lift twenty pounds but I can keep smiling because I am. I am determined, there is nothing that can stop me; I know I am.
Nobody knows the real me
I see the past as lessons  and I pray for blessings  that will make me strong for the future  I've made many mistakes  including acting fake  I can't believe I put my personality at stake    
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