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I want you so much it physically hurts. I would do anything for you. I would go anywhere with you. Don't you see? No other woman could please you Or love you like I can.   But it wont matter.
You were my sunshine and i used to be your moon, My revolution was around earth yet glowed only for you. An elliptical love circle, that never meant to end soon, As I have belief in our love's photon stew.
They encircle around, hearing Watching as the music stops playing... Some laugh, some may point, But whose fault is it for the loss of knowing? Ignorants they are for not seeing
I think in rhyme, Music and cadence All tied up in song.
Underneath the scars That cover my skin  And the fabric of my being within Caked in the long extant scab that once was a collection of thin scrapes,
This rage does not subside it only ignites me kept on a tight leash i'll find a way try to oppress what what I feel I know what i feel everyday try to work me like a dog
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