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Dear J,  I know you have your insecurities, but there's this candid photo of you and I that I just adore.  You've pointed out everything you felt was flawed about you, but you didn't understand what this photo actually meant to me. I don't care ab
A light that beckons from a lamp. The yearning of our innocence, the drawing to our roots. It beckons you forth from the dark, it promises light and warmth. It is only there.
I no longer have the desire to impress and feel the stress That a society has created to only make me feel repressed My being was not created to be superficial But only beautiful without the artificial
Smile, Wave hello, Be friendly, Be bold, Be perfect. They expect that from you, So you give it to them.   “What’s wrong?” They ask, if you only slightly frown.
You gotta love strangers, Especially the ones that Stare at you with hungry eyes and Remind you that you’re beautiful In the most inappropriate ways— Reminded you that
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