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Pride?  What pride? I only have a race That was only given to me As an indication of disgrace   Oh an eraser-that I crave- For a degree of maltreatment- I myself save
Beauty. You're too dark for thatYour luscious skin once againhas been attacked by such harsh mentorment and hate was destined for your fatespeak loud and brave, defend your fightno color no race shall determine the end  Courage invades yo
What is black?   Is black the color of the dark? Is black the color of my hair?
I never ever claimed to be a lyrical genius or one who spit words from the top of my cranium that could make you so furious because the truth has the effect to cause major pain in sum.   
Look at me.Let my skin tell you a story of pain and suffering, let my eyes give you sight and show you my history.
Pure dark cocoa, milk chocolate, toasted caramel, almond joy; & eveything in between. Love your colored Kings & Queens. 
My Body is not "my body" in fact it is a blessing. My body is not yours to be kissing, loving, and caressing. From my curly nappy hair that screams with African strength. To my long spider fingers rich in their length. 
Sometimes it takes shedding a tear to feel like your empty of a moment's despair. Were clear is as near as a windshield wipe upon a smear of fear.
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