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Am I pretty now? You told me I need makeup, You can hardly tell it is me anymore, Am I pretty now? You said I needed to lose some weight, Well i have, now I'm anorexic, Am I pretty now?
The mirror highlights the differences From the polaroid on the wall Of a man undriven, sad but unwilling Enslaved to his own weakness   Sharp words and cruel tongues Ignited the crucible long overdue
The refrain on my frame Left many to restrain Including myself. Until the doubt cleared and hope was on set I realized There's no bet.   Green, yellow, orange, red
The gym, so musty and cool. The weights clanging against the ground. The buff guy, I thought “what a tool.” The hydraulics hissed, and gave out a sigh. The tap-tap-tap, of feet on the treadmill.
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