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He had trouble hopping in the currents. His usual flexible fins seemed stubby in the water. He splashed and swished, flexing and relaxing his long muscles. He got no where no matter the angle.
I see the world in its beautyOthers see me in fear   I see the world in its graceOthers see me and sneer   Something calls me outA shriek, a scream, a screech  
why do we see such earthly beauties as such monsters? why do we say they are cold blooded lacking emotion and feeling?
Dear Fear, I was told by a character in a cute little movie that you used caution to keep me safe— —So please explain to me why I’m scared of sharks in my swimming pool.
Engulfed in the darkness within me as it bleeds out,
LoveThe largest ocean in the seaAnd the deadliestFor it has no islandNo escapeFor you will become blindFrom all the sharksPulling your leg like no tomorrowOnly gazing at the breath 
People forget about any shark They don't see the difference that's so stark They run and scream in fear When they should be holding them dear They don't see what sharks go through The ones that do are so few
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