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the blood on the walls
You look at me different yet we are the same. you tell me i am something of which to be ashamed. why cant you see that we are alike. YOU are exactly like ME. we are human beings.
These are close friend's for experiences. Rape can be prevented. Him Her Them  Me ---
Engrained in the very fiber of our culture, Fundamental to our identity, They say it empowers and protects us,  They say that guns make us American,   Our language is corrupt with its influence, 
With him in mind she loses sight of who she is And a very vivid imagine she has, she was told And who would believe what had been done to her
Success is engraved in my brain More knowledge –I don’t complain  Stupidity is the cousin of ignorance Why y'all still messing with racism Lets change the world a bit Our generations was left with shit
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