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Keep your head up, don't get fed up. Choose your roads wisely, you might like where you end up. Let your thoughts manifest into a physical form. Where you dreams can ascend, and be reborn.
Say "No." Say "You won't." say "You are nothing." Say "It's impossible." Say all these things. Say these words! Say them! They are but fuel for my fire! I say "yes."
Hard work, you can get anywhere if you have it It is something you have to admit And if you commit Surely you will be happy And I can bet
For all of my lifeI have been told,"follow the crowd"and "fit the mold".But I am unique,you see.
It’s not just one job; it is a future. Your future. My future. The future of the girl who sits in class with bright eyes that will eventually be dulled by the desk job she will be thrown into.
Take a deep breath in walk away from drama when theres a fork in the keep going straight don't stop to go left or right always continue from the way you started if you choose to go left or right
I am finally moving.
Not knowing what my future may withold from me I try my hardest to strive for excellence I want to be the next to succeed. not end up on the streets with a heart that doesn't bleed.
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