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Don't you just feel trapped inside the house but at the same time you're not, you are free? Irritated with everyone around, I need to go on the run forever.
Another new place; Another new road. Another new school; Another new home.   Each move just the last.   Pack up your clothes; Pack up your shoes. Pack up your books;
From sandblast windows out I spy a flock of gulls in flight   and I yearn to coast the ocean, on a charter, strong and light.   Sail o'er the deepest trenches With a map of stars at night. 
    Ever since I was a little girl I was never afraid of going somewhere new; I enjoyed a change in scenery, I'm a true Southern girl who ran in the street barefoot and didn't mind a bit of greenery,
It’s past midnight, and at that, past my bed time. I watch as dad helps my mother load the boxes, Into her royal blue Volkswagen. It’s drizzling yet no one seems to care The thought of a slippery road never seemed
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