victim blaming

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“No.” (This is my death warrant.)   “I have a date.” (I’m lying for my life.)   “It’s just a piece of clothing.”
“Just carry a gun, “Just carry a knife, “Learn some self-defense, that way you can defend yourself in the face of danger.”   What’s the face of danger then?
his arms burned                                                                               my skin. i can feel his wet lips against                                               my skin.   he had branded me.
Does no still mean no if its accompanied by an "I dont"? If it came out with a laugh dipped in liquor and exhilaration But ended in a chuckle soaked in fear and discomfort? Phone a friend to make sure I wasnt over reacting
A girl says “no” when she’s sober And she “just needs to relax” A girl says “no” when she’s sober She’s a bitch, a tease with a stick up her ass   A girl says “no” when she’s drunk
You grin and bear the humiliation, devastation already tearing, leaving raw strips behind your ribs.
  When I was younger, my favorite poet was Sylvia Plath. I liked her because I related when she wrote about the weight of all the lives she wasn't living and her life under the fig tree.  
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