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Nothing will change Everything will stay the same They don't remember your name It was all just a game Now you walk in shame Hiding your face Your a disgrace.
Dear you,  Something that is not grey Is black and white, of course.  Like right and wrong And bitter and sweet.  A contradiction of "no other color," Could only be pain.  Our friend and enemy:
It was when the happiness was abundant in life. It was when all I needed to be happy were some toys.   It was when the bad people only existed on Superman.
Dear KMZ Who else would write to you but me? I know who you are even when you don’t. We know you’re struggling, and you blame the wall around you.
The Power of embodiment is visual Thought it seems life will turn pitiful It is not compared to the waiving lights Upon the dark city nights Seeing all those famillar faces Going to some strange places
Teachers always teaching to prepare us to be the best Chalk boards always screeching to prepare us take the test   Unfortunately we suffer Real lives become rougher
  I'm just walkingOn an adventure you might sayThrough day & night Who knows what I might find?We may just be lost in the wildWhere the wild things are What do we know?
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