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In the darkest room rests the purest girl Like an ancient tomb like a quiet world She's got dark brown hair and the most innocent eyes But that's not her, it's just her disguise And you'll never meet this little girl
He deserved none of me but I gave him all of me and now I look back and think how dumb of me to throw my heart at him so carelessly when he was just playing games with me but I guess I just thought
Seeing things in different ways, is giving life a perspective. You don't have to be blind, if you can't see them.. Maybe you just couldn't find the right perspective? Questions last forever, but lying by answering doesn't...
My skin is tan, and my back is strong. strong enough, to take the pain .. inflicted again & AGAIN.   I get scared to, and I fight back knowing I'll lose because I'm strong enough, to take the pain ..
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