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“Silence” he commanded As he slapped my frozen face I need a meal for my stomach I have not eaten in days Or perhaps it has been longer
Most of the time We try to look at someone else's eye's Try to understand through their covered lies But what we do not realize Viens throb from shameless drugs that mezmorize When their mama cries
Fear storms through the dark endless skies Where it seems that land can only exist at night Where thugs rule the world and parents hide behind doors Hypocritically stating,"the world is yours"  
Glistening rubies, tear drop in shape,Indifferent as to how they fall.Slickening down brown sugar planes,Into a puckered black hole.A violent take,Against all restraint,A cry on crackling lips.
I may look different, think different, feel diferent, But still I make the same old mistakes. No matter how much I try to be different My actions reflect those of a fake. By definition I am a hypocrit.
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