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It was as much a hinder as a clatter a soft splatter of broken love delicious  melted caramel on creamy lips of summer fog.   I do not forget her of hers a fine progression of my past;
We were only jokingWhen we sat beneath the weeping willowThe soft hairs of your armsElectrocuting my sensesOur conversation went onIn silence
I have seen the splintered timbers of a forest losing pine, waiting ona fire to carbonate its time. I know I am chemicals reacting to their tidesbut my mind it overulesa simpleton's design.
In the piercing heatof the unfolding daywe set sails for Avalon. Guided by winds wetested our fate, provingit was fragile in thedesperate side-by-sideof our changing lives.
In the wake of thingswe surrendered below cutting cloudsyou to me, me to the reign of ages. In a moments timethe world was bornour love's deathtook decades to complete.
They quarter-toned their deliveranceagenda based and ill conceivedin a quiet corner there was always eyeslooking at me smilingthe quiet ones were wise.
We are like cans of soupcollecting dust in a discarded martonce, when the day was sharpour pencils pushed the poembeyond a feeble flight of emotioninto the grand promise of new suns
Tidal changes of this floating heartwhen to stop, when to start?My pulse expands my waking mind.
She was lightheartedlike a feather in soft windsI was playing throw and catchwith girls still growing breasts.
  He danced the Mapiko while stary-eyed women looked on in fear and lust.......unashamed walking the dusty streets searching for a cuandeiros the dengue fever pitched to the blazing ball of sun
There is no test to time for time itself is of rest, or work,of giving, living, loving, hating, lying, cheating, repeatingitself over and over, just as the soft clover rises in the Spring.
Life is but a single day on a beachA series of wavescrashing, splashinga sun sinking just beyond our touchit goes black, we're toldit comes back, we're toldbut still we're here just a day
We exist helplessly, acting how we want to be. Pursuing this endeavor, to become something better. Moral fall behind us, money for the poisonous. Trading lust for love, dazed by what's above.
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Here I lean back into the gentle arms of galaxies, Spirals dizzying my sight, The soft space and freedom Caressing my skin. Here I find my head swimming in thoughts unspoken, Vast and dark,
Como pez al agua, Somos inseparables. Sin tú no puedo respirar Y sin tú yo muero. Pero como agua al pez, Tú vivirás siempre mientras yo falleceré. Sin yo, sigues respirando Con el ascenso y descenso
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