invisible man

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Invisibility comes with secrets Kept hidden away from publicity They cannot be exposed, because of bets That friends will see it with simplicity
Invisible Man I should be reading you now I have a test and essay due on the morrow On your guts and analitical power But no I'm here Here doing Nothing On powerpoem express
A question asked of me, Flying or invisibility? Answers rang out, invisibility, no doubt! I shook my head, For I knew better. It doesnt take magic, It doesn't take powder.
I have created a worldcomposed of blind people. Winter has not come in my favor.a fine way of thinking turns intoa composition made of violence.
(poems go here) As I sit here in this desk, I wonder will I ever be used again. Will I be used as an example to keep this Negro pushing?
Your stolid expression Gazes over me like the sun. I felt the heat of your eyes--- Which penetrate into the deepest parts of my soul, Tearing though flesh and The carefully constructed walls of my heart.
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