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In gymnastics each flip and twist Must be precise one mistake could cost it all bad decisions missed landings  one mistake
Beep Beep Beep Alarm clock I think reach out to turn it off can’t move or even breathe open eyes, way too bright  Needles in my skin
I coat my hands and feet in the white, powdery chalk, Running through my beam routine in my head- Trying to calm my nerves By focusing on where to point my toes
I believe in ME! I always have Don't be negatve Gymnastics all the way!   I believe in ME! Other do not I can do it Dream big You can do it   I believe in ME!
      Gymnastics is coaches  That are strict and precise.   Gymnastics is warm ups  That make you drip with sweat.   Gymnastics is ropes
Clock As the tail drops, I listen quietly yet sadly. How well it flows. What makes the time go? The sound of footsteps tells me people are coming. What does time hint? What is it that comes?
College is coming oh me oh my I have no idea what I'll do tonight Applications, Dead Lines and Work When in doubt I should just twerk No that won't help me get in college Maybe I should just quote hamlet
forward roll-the promise of more cartwheel clumsy around hope to never fall down! cause life is a backbend round off now, warmer, stronger. independence on beams- seems life is a backbend
I am an anxious Gymnast I wonder if I can pull off this bar routine I hear the bar squeak as my opponent performs ahead of me I see the chalk soaring through the air as vaporous powder
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