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The wind blows  the wind howls  Mother Nature cries while we tell lies hungry greedy men  killing her children leaving her raped in the dust only to feed their lust for power and money
Have you ever seen anything so sad? Children run around half-naked while their parents wait for more pills to come to town. Teens walk around with cigarettes in their hands and alchohol in their systems.
I'm tired of these fucking stereotypes dictating how I feel and act I shouldn't like English I should be petite and quiet I should study, study, study Well I fucking done finito, over it
I once had a spirit, That would cry, Livid. A soundless screamer, A sleepless dreamer. A cowardly warrior, A body-less barrier. A sharp taste of rum, A native tongue. When the soul spoke,
Am I better off, hundreds of miles out of there? My people need me, need help, need someone. Now that our fates aren’t tied, Shoved onto reservations, we aren’t their problem.
Who’d know the color of my skin presents so much ambiguity in society? A different angle in the light of the city What am I today? For the historic family trees of America remain hallow at my name.
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