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A small reflection by reason Growing on the instinct A dream blooming deep inside The shadow is holding the night And getting darker Inside my heart
perfect does exist but only in pockets of time
Pour the knowledge into my brain, For what a pity it would be For me to learn in turn for me, So pour it in, I'll spray it out, and so on until I'm insane.   I can regurgitate ideas!
The man was young, his mind was sharp as could be expected of such a man at such a time, and his body had endured at least enough hardships to receive a curt nod from a seasoned veteran should such an encounter play out.
What does it mean to love? Is it a title? Is it to act like a vital?   No, it is much more. Much more than I can implore.   It is a feeling a feeling of believing.  
Each step forward was like a child learning to walk Each word from your tongue made me weak in the knees, hard to talk; Uncontrollable laughter reminded me of my childhood days
I stand in the valley of the shadow of death, Don't understand why I'm here, Everything seems deep, dark, and dangerous. Anyone here?
Man's bestfriend  No matter when A women's alternative To a boyfriend  We all live Within a world Where we have a choice  To our friend  For a man Usually the dog
You told me You told me the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. But now I realize that not everybody has the same taste. So your eyes partake of my identity and you spit me out of your mouth and exclaim
I know this girl named Ana, And it's scary what she does.
The world is filled with bitches.   Women got beauty confused with skin hanging out their britches. Hoes, tricks, and sluts.  No longer judged by the expression on one's face but what looks good on their butt.
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