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Nothing poetic was ever written, But I alwsys thought of it as a vision I look for my brain's talent everyday in depth Looking for a hand for help Enviornment simple minded and basic
In every aspect of our lifes we make desicions. From what food to eat to the path we choose to guide our life, we decide. It is you who will decide your faults and what to do about them.
Dear God, make me a bird, so i can fly far,far far away from here. Make my wings strong and willful, lighter then my heavy heart and my feathers so pale and golden
Life flashes before us,A brillant silver stream.It sweeps you up and takes you,Takes you on a journey.It's not random, unplannedIt takes you to your destiney,
You never thought about it You just acted by instinct I get you You got lost You had a choice and you said you consider it before Still you did it and 9 months later the results you saw
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