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I’m no stranger to hypotheticals, What..If… I’m even more familiar with disappointment. Since I was first really able to understand that concept, I knew that I was
Why now?Right when life is suppose to be beautifulWhy now?When i'm trying to get over the painWhy now?Once i'm old enough to understand all things in vainWhy come into my life now
having this thought that you are a stranger a different man than what i've once known a different soul i how could i learn a new body, i've known you since birth
From a dark basement floor As my tears bleed out through this pen Of the whips and slashes of spiritual tourment The scratches on my beating heart of a love that was ripped right from me
When you were dying, I was dazed yet ambushed. We were fusing, and I got cold feet. Who knew I wasn't cunning, firm, nor merciful of your love. The content was only in text, and a dial was abundant.
Dear shadow of a man I wish I know more, Dear man who loved too much that it couldn't be contained in his body, Dear shadow of a shadow of a man who had to hide the truth of my family all my life,
Dear Father, Absence of your love, Broke my heart, before I knew what love stood for. American Hero fighting to save others, Made it through the bombs. Welcome home to the real war. Is the electricity out? Your calls haven’t made it through. The p
Dear Brother, How many days have we both sat in silence Doing nothing Only minutes away yet a million miles apart
Dear Future Husband, I didn't know you were looking for something, easier to swallow But For years I watched my father walk over women
Practicing t-ball in the big field behind our old house , you pushed me hard,  you made it count. Dad what did i do ? I remember you helping me, no training wheels on pushing me along Dad what did I do ?
One.What is your favorite color? Maybe it was blue, green, or red.Mine is purple. But you'll never know that. Two.Are you left-handed or right-handed?I was born left-handed.But I was told being different was wrongSo, I am right-handed. Three.What
The Father awakened from a hibernation. The Father cooked grits and eggs. The Father cooked grits and eggs. The Father awakened from a jubilation. The Father awakened to a situation.
One day but not today Someday but not soon Living my life and facing the moon Caught in the light ready to say goodnight Leaving home because he left me all alone No phone calls, text, or emails
You said you'd always be right there, said you'd always stay. The anguish that resides in me says otherwise to that promise left unkept.
When we talk I never have much to say
Daddy, help me understand why you left me crying wishing praying everynight for you to come home every christmas present every birthday wish was for you to come home you visit once maybe twice a year
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