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Have pure confidence Walk tall and strong Speak up against negativity Sing regardless; just most according to my feelings Love past blemishes and Give past pain I feel, no matter who gave it to me
This poem isn't about your pimples, your flat nose, or your thin lips. This poem isn't about your bruises, your scars, or your stretch marks. This poem isn't about your height, your weight, or your eye color. 
A woman so amazing, Perfect in every way, With such a beautiful smile, That can lighten up any man
                                                                                                                         My skin complexion you may hate  
From the moment I wake, till I lay down at night, I have to have everything organized just right. When it comes to keeping things clean, I’m like a machine. I get stressed when I see clutter,
I always try to be the best I can be if only you could see People always tell me I'm perfect But they don't know I had to work for it We all have good times and bad Some that are really sad
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